Hestra is a Swedish family business founded in 1936 and specialising in the manufacture of gloves. The company is headquartered in Hestra, Småland and is run by third generation family members. Hestra has a strong global presence and sells its products in over 30 countries worldwide.


In the US, Hestra is well established and has a strong presence in the North American market. It manages its sales via an e-commerce system built on the Headless platform Centra. They have had challenges with VAT management and integrations to their various systems. They hired Sparkhouse as Hestra's integration partner in the US.

Sparkhouse consultants have extensive experience in integrating different business systems with e-commerce platforms, and helped Hestra create a smooth and efficient integration solution.

Through a cloud-based solution, they have been able to increase efficiency, reduce administrative burden and improve the customer experience. The integrations manage order flows, stock status, price and product information. This has made it possible to have a smooth and automatic management of data between Centra and Netsuite.

 The order flow integration allows Hestra to automate their entire order process, reducing manual work and improving the efficiency of the process. The inventory status integration also gives Hestra an up-to-date view of their inventory and allows them to manage their inventory resources more efficiently.

 The integration of price and product information allows Hestra to keep its product prices and product information updated and accurate across all platforms in real time, helping to avoid confusion and misunderstandings for customers.


C# was used as the programming language. An API design was built in REST. Some SOAP was used, but will eventually be replaced. Netsuite had some old APIs that had not yet been upgraded. The integration processes were run on a serverless platform with Azure Functions. Through Azure, the solution is cost-effective and scalable.

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