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We offer three different eCommerce solutions, because our customers look different and have different needs. But, they all share one thing in common. They want to gain competitive advantages through modern technology.


Do you want to reduce the degree of technology dependency, long development projects and high licensing costs? Our Velocity concept is developed specifically for organizations who want to develop the online experience for their brands directly towards end consumers and / or through wholesale, without any limitations in technology. At Velocity we work with Centra, Contentful, React and JAMstack. Velocity is created for organizations with high ambitions!

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B2B/D2C combination
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Based on 20 years of development of the eCommerce platform ATG and leaders in Gartner’s magic quadrant 2019, Oracle has outperformed itself in the most modern and complete AI-based platform on the market, Oracle Commerce Cloud. The solution is 100% SaaS and API-first driven. The platform caters to organizations that


Suitable for organizations that are
Unified B2B/B2C

We are experts in Oracle Commerce Cloud


WooCommerce is built on WordPress which makes up about 35% of the Internet. Do you have a strategy based on freedom, creativity and open source? WooCommerce is the most customizable platform and probably the answer. We can help you realize your digital dreams.

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The image below is an example of the architecture with Velocity.


We are happy to talk to you about how systems can talk to each other, whether it is transaction-intensive SOAP and REST environments or more system-close and lightweight cloud-based integrations. Our goal is to always develop smart and sustainable solutions for the very best of our customers.

App Development

This year, half of all e-commerce is expected to take place via mobile, 2040 about 95%. It is therefore a matter of course for us to be able to meet people on the digital platform in which they are located. Our developers work with everything from Android and iOS to React Native and pure mobile web apps. Mobile first is, of course, something we always assume when working with the web.

Professional Services

Do you need to staff your project? We offer project management, system architecture, front and backend as well as design and UX consultants. Examples of competencies we offer are: AWS, React, PHP, Java, C #, PL / SQL, Payments, Micro Services and eBusiness Management.

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Cloud transformation

Running applications and integrations in the cloud offers new opportunities. In addition to increased reliability and lower costs, a well-thought-out architecture can scale the solution depending on load or other factors. By dividing monoliths into smaller services, we also make it easier to monitor and orchestrate the solution.

Customer Data Management

Gather all your knowledge of business and relationships in one central place. Find out how your customers want you to act to better meet their needs. CRM and CDP are for your entire business! Strive for a 360-degree view of all the company’s business-related processes. We develop and integrate solutions such as Oracle Engagement Cloud and SugarCRM.