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Finding the right skills can be an entire project in itself, usually to be delivered yesterday.  With many years of experience of staffing customer projects, we know the importance of offering consultants whose expertise makes a difference, both in the delivery and for the team. Can’t find what you’re looking for below? Challenge us! We have a well-developed network and can usually find solutions at short notice.


Microservices, integration via ESB on-premise or via cloud service? No matter what, we will have the right skills. Ask for references on solutions with AWS, MuleESB, Oracle SOA Suite, etc.


The React and Angular developers maintain a high rate of development and create stylish, efficient applications that are easy to maintain. Needless to say, we master both HTML / CSS and how api services are linked with REST or GraphQL.


Based on analyzes from the main stakeholders of the site, we make suggestions with motivated designs for testing and approval. We take overall assignments from the start or will optimize the appearance and function of existing sites, always with the goals of the business and user experience in focus.


Our Ruby developers have worked with some of the largest RubyOnRails installations in the Nordics. They handle all types of web solutions for both internal sites to large public solutions with high loads.


We offer project managers with extensive experience from Retail, Web, eCommerce and ERP. We attend to every customer’s unique conditions and take value in pedagogically transfer competence within the customer organization. Delivery, budget control, efficiency and team spirit are central to all projects run by Sparkhouse’s project managers.


With a Java developer from Sparkhouse you will get efficient and professional software development, experience of web solutions with high performance requirements and a problem solver whom handles multiple programming languages.


Regardless of the choice of language / platform, we have the skills to staff an app project in the best way. Let us know what you need to boost your project!


Plan on building a new web application? Let’s do a free analysis of what it would cost to build in well-tried Laravel. If you already have a php system, we can help with both operations and developers on site or with support from our in-house team.

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