Some of our cases


FirstVet is the world’s first digital veterinary clinic, where pet owners can easily get secure advice from licensed veterinarians. Sparkhouse contributes to the company’s success with expertise in advanced web solutions.

Web, Craft CMS, REST, Integrations


BellPal develops products and services that support seniors to live free and active lives through attractive and well-designed wristwatches. Sparkhouse contributes here with the development of web and mobile applications.

Web, Mobile applications, IOS, Android, Bluetooth


Hestra is a glove company with a long history known for its design and quality. Sparkhouse delivers integrations for the ecommerce solution in the US automating things like order management and stock levels.

eCommerce, Centra, NetSuite, Integrations


Beslagsboden has one of the market’s widest range of door handles. Here, Sparkhouse is hired to deliver all the technology needed to meet the demands placed on an international e-commerce that operates in both Europe and the United States.

eCommerce, Integrations, Payment, Business Development


As a leading manufacturer of bathroom accessories in Scandinavia with trade in large parts of the world, it has hired Sparkhouse as a technology supplier for its e-commerce, B2C and B2B.

eCommerce, Integrations, Payment, Business Development


Zimpler simplifies transactions between companies and people and we at Sparkhouse are there and support with specialist expertise in the company’s IT system.

Payment, RubyOnRails, Go, Javascript


When Papyrus invests in a new B2B e-commerce, Sparkhouse front-end developers are there to produce the best possible experience for both supplier and reseller.

eCommerce, Angular.js, HTML, CSS


To manage the logistics chain, inventory management and product launches, effective system support is needed. Sparkhouse contributes with expert competence for the best results.

Oracle, ERP, Supply Management


Just like when Craft creates functional sportswear, the requirements are the same when Sparkhouse creates functional order and product flows using cloud-based integrations.

eCommerce, ERP, C#, REST, SOAP, Azure Functions


DNV GL is a global company where an analogue order reception is digitized with purpose-built e-commerce. This is made together with Sparkhouse consultants.

eCommerce, B2B, Oracle, Strategy, Payment Solutions

Verso Skincare

Verso’s investment in modern e-commerce based on headless and cloud architecture uses Sparkhouse to automate digital product and order flows.

eCommerce, ERP, C #, REST, SOAP, Azure Functions


Swiss Equippo AG is a global trading venue for heavy machinery and work vehicles. Sparkhouse delivers a CRM and Marketing solution with focus on growth and innovation.

CRM, Marketing Automation, Ruby, PHP, SQL


Finland’s largest hospital is digitizing its order processes to provide medical equipment. Sparkhouse is hired to develop and implement the integration architecture.

Cloud integrations, eCommerce, B2B, Oracle

SCR Svensk Camping

Together with SCR and Camping Key Alliance, Sparkhouse  developed administrative systems and mobile applications for all of Europe’s campers.

iOS, Android, RubyOnRails, CRM, SMS

Team Sportia

Sparkhouse delivers support systems, marketing systems and e-commerce solutions for Team Sportia’s operations. Most solutions are based on technology from Oracle and Microsoft.

Oracle, Microsoft, CRM, ERP, SMS