Our history branches into several different companies, assignments and name-based projects. Our base is in Gothenburg, our focus is the Nordic region and our customers operate in many different industries, in several different markets. We will always challenge the establishment with scalable, sustainable and flexible solutions. With our mix of experiences, skills and teamwork, we hope to be a stimulating place to develop in, for our customers and partners as well as colleagues!

How we work

To succeed, we have chosen to work with the very best in the market – the latest technology, the sharpest ideas and employees with the greatest ambitions. We deliver web, integrations, data and platforms packed with a razor-sharp digital strategy – giving you everything you need for an experience-driven e-commerce where the customer is in focus.

We believe in a flexible work environment

Work from home or from the office. The most important thing is to get the job done and to deliver on time. At Sparkhouse, we value flexibility.

Words from a co-worker

“Appearance and function are incredibly important for a company’s brand and self-esteem. A large part of my job is to proactively propose improvements that the customer may not yet have thought of. I usually think of listening with the heart, not just the ears.”

/Frontend developer at Sparkhouse