Professional services

The right skills for the right project

Finding the right skills can be a project itself. With many years of experience in staffing customer projects, we know the importance of offering consultants whose expertise makes a difference, both in the delivery and in the team. Can’t find what you are looking for below? We have a well-developed network and can often find solutions at short notice.


We connect modern technology, experienced consultants and thought-out strategies for a successful, digital business.

Magnus Holmlund, CEO

Staffing of projects

We can often put together a team where the customer buys a full-time resource that we staff with several skills, people or roles. Our ambition is to avoid personal dependence when possible. Quality in a development project is complex and has certain dependencies on the individual, situation and time.


Our goal is to ensure that our customers are the best in the world in their segments. We have expertise throughout the development chain from requirements, architecture, usability to development, testing and validation.


Sparkhouse is a NetSuite Solution Provider with over 20 years of collaboration with Oracle. We offer consulting services that cover your needs; from requirements to migration, process mapping, development and strategic advice. We help our customers become data-driven in their decisions and business processes.

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React native, iOs, Android

Our consultants can show a number of references on developed mobile apps. Regardless of the choice of language and platform, we have the skills to staff an app project in the best way. Feel free to contact us for further information.


Our solutions are always delivered as cloud services. With different types of cloud services, a separate infrastructure is created that is accessible, scalable and, above all, secure. This can be in the form of IaaS, PaaS or SaaS services. Smart solutions that combine data from different systems via integrations.


Put everything in the cloud! It provides security and productivity that never can be achieved on-premise. 

André, Fullstack Developer


Microservices, integration via ESB on-premise or via cloud service? We have several references on solutions with AWS, MuleESB, Oracle SOA Suite, etc.


Are you going to build a new web application? Why not build it in proven Laravel? Do you already have a php-system that you need help with? We can help with both operations and developers on site with you or with support from our in-house team.


As one of the world’s largest programming languages ​​and development platforms, the need for Java developers is great. At Sparkhouse, we have extensive experience of both large and small projects with everything from built-in systems and integrations to web and mobile applications.

In the telecom and automotive industry, Java is an important building block and we are proud to be a contributing factor with present consultants who ensure a secure delivery – easy to further develop and maintain.


Our Fullstack Developer are real artists with a wide range of knowledge and principles in software development. Our methods include everything from the development of user interfaces to creating and using database structures, to understanding and meeting our customers needs and wishes.

Our Fullstack Developers have knowledge and skills that make it possible to design, plan and create competent and user-friendly applications.


By optimizing appearance and function, we help you give the visitor an enhanced user experience.

Daniel, Fullstack Developer

React, Angular, Vue

Our JavaScript developers maintain a high speed of development and create nice, efficient applications that are easy to maintain. We often work with several frameworks and master HTML / CSS, API services with REST or GraphQL.


Our Ruby Developers have worked with the largest RubyOnRails installations in the Nordic region. They work with all types of web solutions for both internal sites to large public sites with high load.

Design UI/UX

Based on analyzes made from the most important stakeholders of the site, we produce proposals with motivated designers for testing and approval. We take assignments from the start or optimize the appearance and function of existing sites according to set goals.