We are the coders
We enable the digital future
We code things

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Sparkhouse, at your service.
We combine experience, code and business values. We run our own customer projects or work as resource consultants in customer-led projects. Our customers are located in several countries, speak different languages and operate in different industries, but the common language is technological innovation. Together with world-leading software suppliers, we create customized solutions for successful digital businesses.


We have many years of experience in Digital Commerce, CRM and Systems Development. We work with assignments in different industries and have a broad expertise in both B2B and B2C. Here is a selection of the companies we have worked with.


We want our solutions to cover the entire value chain, from strategy and project management to platform development and implementation. But most importantly, we want to tear silos for a better digital customer experience.


We collaborate with the leading vendors in the industry and have broad expertise within the team. Together we deliver professional services with the customer’s best in focus.